por Santiago Bustamante G.

Se destetó Teté

4 Boulevard du Palais
Métro Cité

One of the loveliest sites in Paris, particularly on a square-foot basis, is Sainte-Chapelle, a royal chapel on the grounds of the Île de la Cité’s Conciergerie complex that served Marie Antoinette during her long years in prison awaiting execution. La Sainte-Chapelle was built to house a collection of holy relics and it is considered to be one of the finest achievements of French Gothic style, lent a fragility by its height and huge expanses of glorious stained glass, most of which is original.

These pictures were taken early this year with my new Canon camera (replacement for camera stolen in Barcelona) which by the way I don’t like that much; probably because I still I miss my old Olympus.

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